The Currier Inn was opened in March of 1997, just 6 months after the ground was broken.  Originally called The Sod Buster Inn bed and Breakfast, the inn was built specifically as a bed and breakfast.  The name came from a chapter in James Mitchener’s masterpiece “Centennial”.  Mitchener wrote the book while teaching at the University of Northern Colorado.  The book was in fact based on Greeley, Colorado.  “The Sodbusters” was a chapter in the boom and refers to both the farmers of the day and the equipment they used to break up the dirt (sod).  There is still a sodbuster in the gardens at the inn.  

The name of the inn was changed in 2011  to The Currier Inn.  George Currier was a founding father of the town of Union Colony – which eventually became Greeley.  George Currier was the original city treasurer and much loved by the community.  The George Currier Room as the inn is one of our more popular rooms.